Katie is a San Francisco based Dietitian rooted in the idea that food is meant to be loved and celebrated. It powers our everyday life from the inside out. Katie encourages clients to find their own healthy relationship with food so that it adds to your life instead of distracts from it.

Katie is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Madison where she earned a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition. She went on to get her Masters in Dietetics at Mount Mary University. Katie starts her day with a great workout and of course coffee.  When Katie is not working with clients she enjoys spending time with her family, getting sweaty, exploring the west coast and beyond, experimenting in the kitchen and checking out the local food scene. 



Take all the hassle out of planning nutritious meals for your family. Based on your needs, memberships includes a weekly seasonal meal plan for breakfast, lunch or dinner for up to 5 people designed to meet the nutritional needs of each member of your family.  The plan comes with a comprehensive grocery list, advanced prep, and an hour in person menu conference designed to uniquely tailor your plan to your needs.

Memberships include weekly child enrichment course – physical activity or cooking class. The course covers basic concepts in cooking, nutrition, and physical fitness. Engaging children in meal prep at a young age has been shown to improve children's willingness to try to new, healthy foods.  Getting kids in the kitchen, working with food, will set them up for a lifetime of health and wellness. Plus, you will get to enjoy the fruits of their labor as a family.